Tim Fielder is an Illustrator, concept designer, cartoonist, and animator born Tupelo, Mississippi, and raised in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He has a lifelong love of Visual Afrofutuism, Pulp entertainment, and action films.  His graphic novel, Matty’s Rocket Book One, is a Glyph Award winning product from his company Dieselfunk Studios.  He holds other Afrofuturists such as Samuel Delany, Octavia Butler, John Jennings, and Stacey Robinson as major influences. He has worked over the years in the storyboarding, film visual development, gaming, comics, and animation industries for clients as varied as Marvel Comics, The Village Voice, Tri-Star Pictures, to Ubisoft Entertainment. He also works as an educator for institutions such as the New York Film Academy and Howard University. He is known for his TEDx Talk on the subject of Afrofuturism.  Most recently, Tim, along with his identical twin brother Jim, created the art form called Glogging, which is implemented in their youtube program called The Dieselfunk Show.

Very soon Tim will be releasing his Afrofuturism epic graphic novel titled, INFINITUM.

Tim makes his home with his wife and children in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Harlem.

Dieselfunk Studios is a multimedia company that specializes in narrative stories told in sequential, app, andvirtual formats. We strive to move the form forward in traditional and emerging markets.

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